Smart artist, pragmatically dreamer.

- odysseo.it, Nov.2016

Virtuoso and eclectic guitarist.

- andrialive.it, 2016

A real name in the guitar panorama.

- Living Tuscany, 2010

His technique is personal and fantastic.

- Il Tirreno, 2006

Edoardo Pieri was born in Italy in 1991. He began studying guitar at the age of 4 with Antonio Rondina, continued his studies with Matteo Motroni and completed them with Frédéric Zigante. His musical education also improved thanks to lessons with Nuccio D'Angelo, Giampaolo Bandini, Lorenzo Micheli, Oscar Ghiglia and Manuel Barrueco.


In 2009 he complete his bachelor with full marks at the Conservatory of Turin. In 2012 and 2015 he passed with honors two masters (Concert Performance and Musical Teaching) at the Conservatory of Alessandria. In the same period, he wrote a thesis containing the transcription of three unpublished pieces (Nocturne Romantique, Invention, Segovia) removed by Segovia for stylistic reasons from the well-known work Trois Piéces pour Guitare. Thanks to his research, the corpus of Tansman’s music now boasts a new philological version of the work that was originally titled Six Piéces pour Guitare. It is conserved by the Alexandre Tansman Association in Paris and the transcriptions contained in the thesis have been used for a recording with important label such as Brilliant Classics.


He has won a high number of solo and chamber music competitions worldwide, both nationally and internationally. He also has an intense international calendar of concerts: as well as regular concerts around Italy, he performs in Spain, England, Belgium, Thailand and in the United States. Some important label - such as DotGuitar and GuitArt - published his recordings. His concerts and recordings have often been transmitted by RAI, Italian radio and television. He has released interviews with several national and international newspapers and magazines. As composer, he writes for Edizioni Musicali Novecento label. 

His interest in the contemporary scene and his musical eclecticism have urged composers from all over the world to write musical works for him. Since 2009 he has undertaken important teaching posts. Currently he's teaching at Conservatorio Mascagni in Livorno and Liceo Musicale in Lucca. He is often called on to sit on national and international adjudicating commissions. From 2018 he managed Viareggio Guitar Festival.